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St. Mark's Festival

Well, an entire decade and a half has passed by, in these April and May afternoons and evenings, in the hours when bells echo through our city, that the St. Mark's Festival is happening. As if these spring days are especially attractive, and within us a need arises for a close, dear friend musician, with whom we could, after some concert, share our thoughts on music. These thirteen years have passed in a moment, yet still, memory has preserved each concert, each musician, music fan, musical piece...

These years have helped us to understand the meaning of creating a festival, the blood flow and the intensity not only of the festival decor, but also of the responsible work hidden behind the outer image of the festival and which must be performed so that the concerts are carried out to the satisfaction of all... All these thoughts are passing through my mind in these moments of recollection, and sometimes it seems to me that during the years some of those assignments have started to accomplish themselves almost automatically, as if on their own.


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